The collateral damage can be extensive and hearts become buried and tethered beneath the rubble.

My horses and I step alongside our clients, encouraging and supporting them as they begin to clear away the rubble and untether their hearts.

Legal Professionals, Doctors, Counselors, teachers, coaches

What if your clients,patients, students & players were able to approach their lives in a steady, productively proactive manner (not reactive), able to objectively refrain from participating in power struggles?

What if your client, patient, student or player, were able to set reasonable expectations and get clear about small decisions that are critical to a positive outcome in their lives? What if a deteriorating situation could be defused before becoming a health or financial crisis?

My horses and I work directly with you and your clients, patients, students & players, to empower them to begin making a shift in their lives toward more positive outcomes by providing them with a safe, confidential space to gain clarity & greater awareness in their lives, working through any past hurts and trauma that may exist.

93% of People Felt Better

In a recent study of the EGCMethod conducted independently by the Xanthus Center (Tom and Jaclyn Manzione) in Colorado, 93% of people felt better after an EGCMethod session than they did at its beginning. That is powerful medicine.

99% of respondents agreed they received professional service from their EGCMethod Practitioner. 

How I can help your clients …

Gain Clarity Around Their Situation

Past hurts and trauma can be confusing and complicated. Past decisions, experiences, raw emotions and unrealistic expectations can rob the client, patient, student & player, of their sense of stability and peace. The Gestalt process is excellent at helping people:

• release negative emotions that are limiting their choices

• resolve road blocks

• integrate conflicting emotions

• gain clarity around what they truly want

• create mindful plans of action

We walk with your clients

The EGCMethod is an action based and experiential coaching method. It can be used without or in conjunction with traditional talk therapies to elicit dramatic, lasting change.

Because we focus on your client’s “unfinished” business, they are able to resolve road blocks that may be preventing them from getting the optimum result from your services.

Safety and privacy are my number one concern

I believe in keeping everything that happens here between the client, myself and my equine partner. Please know I always have your client’s physical, emotional and spiritual safety at the forefront of all I do.