Is your teen facing the challenges of life in a way that is causing struggle?

A horse can open the door to communication.

1200lbs of Pure Compassion will Show Up for Your Kid

Re-Envision Life through the Eyes of a Horse

Horses do not judge. Their lessons are not shouted in anger or given without connection. When you are struggling for words, horses know what you’re trying to say. They listen and they understand on a level our humanity is at times unable to connect with. 

Is Your Teen Struggling …

The Signs Are There

Maybe you’ve noticed your once engaged and involved teen exhibiting a loss of interest in academics, sports, friends and family. Do you feel disconnected from your teen? Is your teen struggling to make friends? Maybe they aren’t handling pressure well. Maybe your teen is being unduly influenced by what you consider the “wrong” crowd, peers whose behaviors and points of view are having a negative impact on your adolescent. Is your teen developing their sense of identity from social media and what they view on the internet? Maybe your teen is being ruthlessly picked at and bullied. Has your child always done well by most standards and for a reason you cannot quite put your finger on, they are now seemingly “checking out”? Is your relationship with your teen not what you would like for it to be?

Our Disservice to Our Youth

Our young adults and youth today have been done a huge disservice. When the pendulum swung so far to one side that before we could blink, every kid was getting a trophy or a first place ribbon and Tug-Of-War turned into Tug-Of-Fun we took away a child’s ability to learn to be resilient, to be a good sport, cheering on others even after losing or failing at something. Today’s youth are entitled, easily offended, unable to navigate their hurt feelings, incapable of coping with problems and challenges that arise in life, facing the real world without the creative skills and resilience that was once part of each growing child’s persona.

Many kids today are suffering in silence. Our teens today are bombarded with the pressures of navigating social media and the internet on top of what we might consider “normal” pressures. At times, all this pressure can feel suffocating and hopeless.

Teens and Trauma

Has your teen experienced a trauma that seems to follow them like a dark cloud over their head? They smile and act as though everything is okay, doing their best to move on in life however, you see the weight of that trauma fixed around their shoulders like an oxen’s yoke.

The trauma may be categorized under what the CDC calls, “ACES” or “Adverse Childhood Experiences” that include personal traumas – physical, verbal and sexual abuse, physical neglect & emotional neglect, violence in the home. They also include things like substance abuse, mental health issues, instability within the home due to separation, divorce, incarceration, anything that undermines the safety, security and bonding of the child and their family members.

Within the EGCM model, trauma takes on numerous forms outside of what culture and society define for us. These less obvious traumas may include a car accident, a house fire, the death of a loved one (human or animal), separation and/or divorce, a betrayal by someone we once trusted, an event or occurrence that rattles our confidence, a coach, teacher, pastor, older sibling, etc. that has said something hurtful that your teen now believes about themself. Within the EGC model trauma can be anything that causes a shift in how we view and interact with our world and that includes ourselves and the people in it. There is the reality of what life is prior to the trauma and then the contrast in what life is following the trauma. And this may not be a massive shift, it may be ever so subtle, especially in our kids who tend to be extremely resilient … to an extent.

Teens and Horses

Horses have the most graceful, wise and dare I say, simple, way of meeting people right where they are. They see us for what we are on the inside through non-judgemental, curious eyes. Teens resonate with this, desperately crying out for the world to see and accept them for who they are, right here, right now. Horses are acutely attuned to the energy and emotion of humans. It’s how they have survived for thousands of years! Horses provide real time, immediate feedback to the changes we make in their presence as well as in between our interactions with them. This real time feedback offers teens the opportunity to gain awareness and greater understanding of their emotions and feelings right here, right now. What a teen may be struggling to describe using words, the horse is able to understand and communicate, non-verbally, bringing meaning to those thoughts, emotions and feelings that were at one point all jumbled and knotted up. Through all of this, our teens gain coping skills and a depth of personal awareness that can propel them forward toward a positive and fulfilling future.

The End Result

After working with the horses utilizing EGCM, teens are offered the feeling of being more grounded, calm, centered and at peace – what we all crave! This state of groundedness offers our teens the ability to focus, learning more readily and easily. The horses also support the teen in improving their emotional expression and self regulation of their emotions, thoughts and feelings. Teens walk out of the round pen with a greater sense of control, empowerment, improved self-esteem, stronger boundaries, leadership skills and awareness, not to mention the horses help reduce anxiety. Research done by Ellen Kaye Gehrke, PhD, showed a reduction in heart rate variability between horses and humans = a boost in serotonin (our happy hormone). Suffice to say, the kid that steps into the round pen with a horse, is not the same kid that steps out.

Help Your Teen Find Freedom

Specialized Coaching Services

Equine Assisted Coaching

When your teen becomes confident around a 1200lb horse, challenges they face in life begin to appear far less overwhelming. Utilizing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, your teen, me and the horses explore their past, present and future. Your teen will begin to find their confidence, remove limiting beliefs, eradicate old thought and behavioral patterns, and step out onto a path leading to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Virtual Coaching

Before, after and in between your teen’s equine sessions, I am here to support them as they begin to develop their own strategy to move themselves forward — whether your teen is in the very beginning processes of seeking change or the final process of shifting the trajectory of their path towards a more positive life, I am here to encourage and support them.


Growth and healing together can be an important part of the self discovery and learning process. Within a group setting, your teen can begin to form a support system of friends who share similar experiences. There is also the borrowed benefit of learning from others work with the horses and experiences. Groups at Untethered Hearts seek to build those connections with other like minded teens. The power of knowing your not alone is truly amazing.

Groups can and are formed upon request.

Workshops and Courses

I am developing a series of workshops and an online course that seeks to assist women navigating the treacherous waters of ending a narcissistic relationship with self-care focused routines and exercises that offer small victories toward the larger goal of independence and the rebuilding of healthy, happy, partnerships. The workshops will offer you the opportunity to work alongside women experiencing similar trauma while the online course will be self-paced. Experience one, the other, or both.
What Drives Me

My Work with Teens

Okay, I’ll admit it, “I love working with teenagers!” There, I said it! When so many would rather skip over the teenage years, running for the hills as adolescence begins to move in, screaming in terror, I run headlong towards these kids!

Today, more than ever, teenagers are facing extreme pressures, doing their best to navigate a highly technological age with an inadequately stocked tool box and incomplete skill set. Our teens are being asked Master’s Degree questions with a kindergarten education and paying dearly for it, at times, paying with their lives.

I have heart for working alongside these incredible individuals, supporting them in their quest to increase their skill set, adding arrows to their quiver and stocking their tool boxes through the work we do with our equine partners.
I receive the humbling gift of observing as these teens begin to learn to dance in the rain, discovering their own personal resilience as they learn to weather life’s storms with grit seasoned by grace, stepping into the world as more healthy, whole, young adults.

Receiving this letter from Health at The Ranches was a humbling experience. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with this amazing organization and impact the lives of the kids — and, to be honest, they have changed my life as well.

The EGCMethod®

Scientifically proven to offer you the ability to see a more hopeful future, the EGCMethod was developed by Melisa Pearce, a founder in the horse/human healing movement. I have studied directly with Melisa to learn how to partner with horses to help humans overcome trauma and create a positive, hopeful future for themselves. My education not only taught me about the healing gifts horses offer, but how to utilize Gestalt Methodology to create wholeness and lasting change for my clients.

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