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Equine Assisted Coaching

When you become confident around a 1200lb horse, the challenges we face in life become far less intimidating. Utilizing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, we partner with the horses to explore your past, present and future. In doing so, you will find your confidence, remove limiting beliefs, eradicate old thought and behavioral patterns, and place yourself on a path to physical, emotional and spiritual health. In other words, through experiential learning, co-facilitated by the horses, you are able to gain greater awareness around who you were, who you are and who you, now, choose to be.

Virtual Coaching

Before, after and in between your equine sessions, I will be here to support you as you develop your own strategy to move yourself forward — whether you are in the very beginning processes of seeking change or the final process of creating the life you’ve always dreamed you could live.

Retreats & Groups

Healing together is an important part of recovering from trauma. A support system of friends, cohorts and family all offer a path to healing and regeneration. Retreats and groups at Untethered Hearts seek to rebuild those connections with other likeminded people who have experienced the same thing you’re experiencing. The power of knowing you’re not alone is truly amazing.

Workshops & Courses

I am developing a series of workshops and an online course that seek to help you with self-care focused routines and exercises that offer small victories toward the larger goal of independence and the rebuilding of a healthy, happy, life. The workshops will offer you the opportunity to work alongside people experiencing trauma while the online course will be self-paced. Experience one, the other, or both.

What to Expect in a Session

Dress Appropriately

Wear clothing suitable to the outdoors, the time of year and the ever changing Colorado weather. Always, no matter the season or weather, wear closed toed shoes..

Session Begins Outside the Pen

The horse is an integral part of the EGCMethod however, we will actually begin our session outside of the pen. Don’t worry, if you are nervous around horses, you won’t be asked to do something that adds to your anxiety by going into the pen with the horse. The horse’s reactions and energy are powerful and profound and easily carry through the corral panels if you are most comfortable outside of the pen..

Safety & Privacy

I believe in keeping everything that happens during our session in complete confidentiality between you, myself and my equine partner. Please know I also have your physical, emotional and spiritual safety at the forefront of all I do.

Virtual Coaching is part of the process

Although some of the most impactful pieces of your process take place in the pen with the horse, the process will continue after you leave the ranch. Phone coaching can be hugely beneficial as follow-up to your horse session or prior to the horse session as it can provide greater clarity.

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